About Us

EPIKMOMS is a brand owned by EPIKCULTURE. It was established in February 2017.

EPIKMOMS is a young and vibrant brand that aims to provide good quality Maternity Clothes. We are passionate about maternity wear and know that it’s all about comfort, style and affordability.

Our range is designed by a team of mums who have all experienced shopping around for maternity clothes, so they know a thing or two about what looks good, what fits well and what is value for money.

Working with the latest trends, our maternity fashion is tailored on pregnant women so that the fit is just right. Whether you are looking for a comfy pair of lowers or a stylish dress for a special occasion there is always something to choose from with our maternity clothes range.

You will no doubt notice how much your body changes during pregnancy, with a growing bump but there is no need to worry as you can still get some really good yet stylish options to wear.

Being an EPIKMOM, means traditional but yet very stylish, responsible, Loving, Ambitious, empathetic, optimistic and most important very confident.